i saw the maze runner and it was good but i feel like i need to read the book to get it

Honestly you will hate the movie once you read the book cause its majorly inaccurate. Sorry.

thats a good thing then bc i liked the movie so ill probably love the book !!

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you now cosplay your icon for every day of your life from now on how screwed are you

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i saw the maze runner and it was good but i feel like i need to read the book to get it



Important things from Igbohistory Instagram. European colonialism has, and still continues to dismantle the myriad of sophisticated social constructs upheld by so many African ethnicities, by presenting Africa as a unit by choosing to ignore the huge ocean of differences between ethnic groups, let alone countries.

Interesting fact: Many African ethnic groups, kingdoms, and states were referred to as ‘countries’ before the rise of colonial powers throughout Africa. They were okay as ‘countries’ when slaves and other goods were being traded. You’ll hear of the Ebo country, Benin Country, Whydah Country and so on when reading pre-1850 writing. If you label a kingdom or a state a ‘tribe’ this those what is described above but also implies there was no major or important political organisation. ‘Tribe’ made/makes indigenous African states and ethnic affiliations sound petty and unimportant. Imagine calling the Edo or Songhai people a tribe when their empires have wielded more power than most of the world ever has? But why would you call them countries when you’re trying to impose your own country on them?

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yo whhhaaaat the flash is getting a show




There needs to be a bar or club or something that when you walk in there’s a rack of different color wristbands with words like “I’m looking for-“

  • girls
  • boys
  • anyone
  • no one
  • friends
  • etc

So that everyone would know who’s looking for who.


"Hey that girl is cute. And her wristband says she’s also looking for a girl. Sweet!”


"He’s cute, but his wristband says girls. Oh well."

you are the future

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Anon has a burglar break in

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chad calls orihime ‘inoue’ in public but ‘himehime’ when theyre hangin out at each others’ apartments

i went shopping and bought a sweater and these wooden spoons with belgian chocolate on them to make hot chocolate with its fall and im white

earlier this morning i was telling my mom about the weird dream i had last night but as i was talking it felt like it wasnt actually the one talking and it felt so surreal like i was thinking in my head that i was just talking on autopilot and that i needed to slow down and think about my sentences all while i was explaining the dream and i honestly dont even remember what i was saying, like this has never happened before ??? what is this called has anyone else experienced this or


Imagine Chad vs. Takamura tho . . .



……………= _,= ★

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i luv the fact that chad canonically boxes bc u know how i feel abt boxers but thinking about it how impractical would that be

he destroys the sandbags with light taps and when it comes to sparring he stands there not fighting back and even tho his partner is busting ass and punching him with all they got they never get anywhere and chad feels bad so he crumples to the floor in feigned agony near the end of each round and gives them a tko and so nobody wants to spar with him anymore he’d be such a useless boxer im laughing so hard

its been a week since i finished the game and im still wondering why, of all the townspeople, barnham chose to participate in labrelum’s experiment? like why did he need a restart? what was so wrong in his old life that he needed an escape? what did he do before he signed up? why did he bring his dog? was constantine even his dog before the experiment and if so did they have to hypnotize him too?? there are so many questions that need to be answered and they all involve inquisitor zacharias barnham


peaceful times before the skeleton war

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